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ProductName:Spheroidizing Wire
Technical Parameters :


1>Manufacturer & exporter 
2>Meterial: SAE1006, SAE1008, SAE1045, SAE1050, SAE1060, 22A,18A...
3>Tensile strength:500-1200Mpa
4>Elongation rate:10%-25%

Spheroidizing Annealing Steel Wire:

The spheroidizing annealing steel wire comes into the form of coil wire, spool wire, U type wire or cut wire.
Material :

Tht spherioidizing annealing steel wire is made of high quality raw-materail  from BaoSteel or Sha steel
It is refined with Pickling drawing high temperature burning and so on.

Standard Diameter :0.15mm-15mm
Characteristics and application: 

Strong flexibility plasticity and  a wide range of uses such as daily binding construction use ,industrial use handcraft making net,Auto ,screw etc.

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